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Nemexia is a web-based online space strategy. Can you imagine Star Craft in your browser? That is exactly what Nemexia is! Each player starts with one planet and a small amount of resources. Then you develop your first economic empire and militarily. Possession of multiple planets gives the player a chance to be much stronger and there are wider horizons for both player's friends and enemies.In Nemexia you can choose between three races - Confederation, Terteths and Nox. Each of them has a specific military units: well-trained soldiers, and perfectly armed ships. You can construct various economic and military buildings, as well as many space ships and defenses, to colonize planets, to join large unions and to win the Team main goal. In Nemexia you face thousands of other players from all over the world.
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You cant rlelay say You cant rlelay say Eve has way more ocmplexity when your obviously not fimiliar with STO since it's not even been released. The graphics are gonna be alot better than this considering this trialer is over 1 1/2 yrs old. Also just being able to go to Starbases and planets give this game the depth that Eve can't compare with. Both are good games but Ill wait for release of game before anyone can do an accurate comparison. Its Easy to bash a game thats not released.

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