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Dragon Portals

Soar high above the beautiful land of Dragonia and help Mila save the dragons! Dragon Portals features innovative yet familiar match-three game mechanics, three different game modes, four beautiful game worlds and alluring musical soundscapes!
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2 Heniek  
You rule the world and have access to all the world's meonis. What do you do to fix the world's problems?You are completely in control. How it came to be that way isn't important. Think about all the problems in the world and how you would fix them. I will be responding to each and every answer given. Yes that's right, you're guaranteed a response! Below is a list of some of the things you should consider. -What political systems would you introduce?-Would you allow all religions, or ban some or all? What if the religion teaches beliefs that are likely to prove problematic to worldwide society? -Would you make efforts to switch to alternative energy supplies?-What would you do about all the numerous wars taking place worldwide?-What would you do about immigration worldwide?-What would you do about the worldwide economy?-What would you do to improve education? Would you make it less standardized or more standardized?-What would you do to prevent the spread of diseases such as AIDS?-Would you allow alcohol and smoking? To what extent? Legalize lighter drugs such as weed alongside educating people about the potential harm of these drugs?-What would you do about the child sex trade that flourishes in 3rd world countries? How would you go about stopping it? Or even, would you allow it?-What would you do about nuclear weapons?-How would you try to bring the quality of life in countries like Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Algeria etc to the same level as in countries like the USA, Britian or other western cultures?-What would you do about crime? Would you change the penal system? Would you enforce tougher punishments such as the death penalty? Would you try to improve prisons so that they reform criminals, and not make them worse?-Would you make every country use the same currency, so as to help balance the world economy?-Would you continue to spend money on space and science research programs whilst the poor still suffer?-How would you go about tackling people's intolerant attitudes towards people of different cultures, races, religion, sexuality, status, wealth.-What would you do about animal rights worldwide?-What would you do about women still being treated as second class citizens in some countries? How would you tackle these attitudes? What if these attitudes are religiously based? Isn't forcing sex equality on them therefore religiously intolerant? Is this okay?-What would you do about sex worldwide? Would you forbid it except for in marriage? Should kids be allowed to have sex? -Would you make society secular, or would you base laws based on religion?These are all the problems I can think of at the moment, but feel free to comment on any I've left out. Remember to think about all the political, economic, social and cultural repercussions of your actions. Consider all these things very carefully. You must justify your decisions and how you would go about changing things without ruining the world.Also, try not to base all your decisions based on what would be right for your own culture. You have to think about how all countries and cultures worldwide can work together for an ultimately better society.This is a completely open ended question you can go where ever you want to with it. It's your sandbox. I'm genuinely curious to see what your overall conclusion will be. So even do this may seem like a daunting, impossible task and indeed it is, which is why all these problems haven't been fixed yet please do share your opinion. I really want to hear from you You can go really in depth with this one or just make it simple, it's completely up to you. You can even just comment on one issue if you want, just make sure to contribute. Like everyone, I do of course have my own political views and stances, but I will be ignoring these when choosing the best answer. Instead, I will be picking the BEST REASONED answer.I'm expecting lots of answers for this one after all, I'm basically just asking for you to share your political opinion, which is something we all love to do so I'll be dissapointed if I don't get lots of responses.Before picking best answer I will also be responding to each and every answer given. That's right, you are guaranteed a response! I will comment on why your actions would make sense, as well as the potential problems caused by these actions, so think through it carefully.On that note, get thinking, and get writing! Can't wait to hear from you!

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1 Sumit  
china abuses usa on cnrerucy crimes issue again.why don't china realizes it?Attack those you need most and attempt to imbue them with unearned guilt! We've seen this game before, Mr. Commie-Thug Dictator; or shall we call you Mr. Wen?Chinese Premier Wen Jiaboa took to the Davos stage yesterday to attack the US and the West; it borders on comical. But sadly, the elite gathered at Davos are foolish enough to lap it up like the simpering capitalist dogs Mr. Wen believes they represent, and for the most part he is probably right.It is too fresh that Mr. Wen attacks the system that has helped his country pull millions from poverty and allowed for the transition of the Commies to represent a new happy face to the world even though their underlying intention of complete control of everything they touch, no matter how they must cheat and steal to achieve this goal, has never changed. This proves Chinese disrespect to world and west again.It proves enough china is only about violating human right and creating financial crisis in world.hat has changed is the degree to which the Western business elites have been duped into thinking this is a regime they can really do business with. Which goes to the rotting core of the leadership of our multinational companies and political elites in the West; again Mr. Wen exploits this well. Think of the big hedge fund investments of the former politicos who along with the first-tier Western multinationals who hold vast Chinese asset investments. It is very much in their interest to pretend dealing with China is free trade. Interesting this same crowd represents the major funding for think tanks that get so much press and ink in order to spout the mantra of free trade. Lies flow from both sides indeed.If the dictator commie thug wasn't so busy making sure any real dissent in his own country was stifled and the proper threats to the state dealt with, maybe he and his gang would have provided more domestic choices for his own people with all their wealth gained from dealing with the system he now supposedly finds so repugnant.My musing on a bit of Wen self-dialogue; it might go something like this:Heck, if we create a real domestic market it might increase citizens' political power; we can't have that well, not yet.We just don't quite have enough internet monitoring equipment and software from Cisco, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google (and other assorted tier-one western companies) to control 100% but those dupes keep upgrading our ability to electronically enslave our people, so soon we can create a domestic market with Chinese character. But since we are not there yet, let's continue to play the export model game that has enriched us so well. You know the game: invite all the Western companies in to produce in China. We make it a quid pro quo in order to gain access to our vast consumer market we make those greedy dupes produce here and transfer technology to us. We treat them pretty good and gain access to hundreds of billions worth of technology funded by Western shareholders. And of course we outright steal the gold teeth from all the second- and third-tier manufacturers we invite into the country. Those clowns don't have well-funded think tanks to tell their story. No, instead those think tank dupes will continue to spout the mantra of free trade as we steal technology and jobs and hollow out Western manufacturing to boot. Gosh this is too easy. Wen's call for global action should be seen for what it is: China has milked the export model for years (granted low cost final goods have benefited to a degree, but recycling excess reserves is what created the asset bubbles and led Mr. Consumer to over indebtedness it was not the other way around) and it is now crashing before their eyes; they've stolen Western technology for years to boost export prowess; they have suppressed their cnrerucy for years to make its final goods even cheaper in order to keep the export machine humming; and we all know China's enrichment was built on the backs of the blue collar workers in all industrialized nations. We have allowed for the hollowing out Western manufacturing so the power elites and the heads of our multinationals can enrich themselves through China.

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